11 Juli 2012


Gary Marshall, yet another Scot writer (phew), believes that I should do something to restore my karma. So I decide from now on, I will write a sort-of review for books that I *cough* sample *cough* I mean download *doublecough* well, you know what I mean. It's funny that Coffin Dodgers is one of the few books that I actually bought so I can skip reviewing it (it's hilarious, by the way). And I'm just glad that I make this decision long after I finished Twilight. Imagine having to write a glowing review on that.

Awrite... The Devil Wears Prada. I watched the movie first, then read the novel, then re-watched the movie and finally re-read the novel. So I will just talk about the movie and the book, not a book review per se. I mean, it's a chicklit for god's sake :P

Things I like in the book.
Details. Of course, that's what books are for. It's first person point of view, so we know what Andy's really thinking. It gives her more raison d'ĂȘtre, including her mischievous ideas (giving away coffees to the homeless, not cleaning Miranda's breakfast plates). Granted, they are hard to show visually so I'm not complaining. I also prefer Lily's character in the book. Again, it may be too complex for the movie.

Things I like in the movie.
Meryl Streep. Should I say more?

I like Andy's boyfriend character in the movie, Nate, better than book-boyfriend Alex. Alex looks like a too-good-to-be-true kind of guy, an idealist public school teacher whose dream is enlightening young minds with literature. While Nate, when Andy accused him of thinking fashion is stupid, replied 'Andy, I make port wine reductions all day. I'm not exactly in the Peace Corps.' It also helps that I like Adrian Grenier (I was actually on Entourage marathon when I watched the movie, that kinda confusing :P)

I also like the movie ending slightly better.

Things I don't like in the book.
Eduardo's character. What's with that?

Things I don't like in the movie.
Lily as a gallery owner. That's boring :P

Things I like in the book that doesn't appear in the movie but should have.
The whole 'F*ck you Miranda' debacle, I think. That should be fun.

Things I like in the movie that doesn't appear in the book but should have.
I don't remember. I think I prefer the movie, but almost everything on it is based on the book.

Oh, by the way, I downloaded this book with another chicklit, which has also been adapted to movie. I don't really like the movie. Not hate, just not thrilled. But I just can't read the book. I tried a few pages and couldn't make myself continue. Strange, considering it's a very popular title. Am I not chic enough for chicklits?

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  1. stanskylaa...12/7/12 18:10

    I can exactly feel the aura and it's desperation after tasting and seeing the real work of high profile personal assistants.... Damn God it's a daily Mission Impossible.

    And can't wait to read (or write, if I have enough will) 'Devil Wears Batik'..... :p