26 Maret 2011


Aunt Sally
: an object of criticism or contention; especially : one that is set up to invite criticism or be easily refuted (Merriam-Webster)

After this and this, I'm probably at risk of being suspected as a pornography supporter (which I'm not, by the way). And Jack Parlabane is not exactly the man you look for to get eye opening moment epiphany, especially that early Brookmyres tend to be self-righteous. Anyway... I just copy-paste here:
But pornography, thought Nicole, hard-core pornography, well that was one threat that wasn't exaggerated.

"It's not exactly an aunt sally, though, is it?" she said.

Parlabane gave her the sort of grin that would scare psychiatrists.

"I understand your reservations, Nicole, but believe me, it's the biggest one there is. It's the queen of aunt sallies. It's a cheap politician's wet dream. Christ, these days, nobody in government wants to suggest or implement a policy that won't deliver a return before the next election - or even before the next opinion poll. But this? It's video nasties all over again. Not just something you can blame, but something you can ban. So that you can show the electorate that you're Getting Something Done. Thatcher's lot did it back in '83, to distract attention from the fact that crime was going through the roof and there was rioting on the streets. They brought in the Video Recordings Act, which blamed it all on a few cheesy B-movies and banned, among other things, hard porn.

"Then in '92, after the Jamie Bulger killing, you had another uproar. David Alton, for whom the irony of being nominally a 'Liberal' never quite chimed in, sniffing for votes by Getting Something Done, demanding that video censors be given powers that they... er, already had, since the Video Recording Act in 1984."

(Christopher Brookmyre, Country of the Blind)
Naw... if we look at it from Indonesian perspective...

It's kind of so obvious that I should've known it all along. It's just reading it in print make things clearer. On the other hand, I know it's not as simple as that. And needless to say that Indonesia is not UK :P

I guess my point is, beware of aunt sallies and illusion of Getting Something Done #notetoself

By the way, love the book as always. But discussing about possible culprits and having The Culprit on TV saying something lame and suddenly an epiphanic moment 'We find a motive', come on Chris, that is super-LAME even for the '90s ;))

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