31 Januari 2011


Yes, it's front page BBC news, I think it was under the Egypt fiasco.

I don't know any rock stars (uhm... does a highly appraised jazz singer count? anyway...), so I think I'm entitled to say that I think they live in another planet. Which sounds mean, but also means that they can do whatever they want and I couldn't care less. Yeah I know that rocker juga manusia. When you know one, befriend one, hang out with one, that's when you may start bothering whom he/she go out with, or sleep with, or whether he/she make videos of it. I think that's part of what Daniel Ziv saying here.

Maybe it's a sign of a sick society, who thinks that sex videos are just something unremarkable. But isn't it also a sign of a sad society, who's afraid that the youngsters will imitate what Ariel do just because he is a rock star? Come to think of it, it's not that different from celebrities who were elected parliamentary members or head of regions just because they are celebrities. Arguably they some of them do more harm to this country than Ariel (yes, fallacy. too lazy to elaborate).

By the way, did Luna Maya really say 'Where's the democracy?' :D

Anyway, that kinda distracted me from what I really wanted to write. Just a few notes from IFFR 2011.

Finally I watched a FRENCH movie with ENGLISH subtitle. Third time's a charm, eh? Doesn't necessarily mean that I understood, though :D
It's a reinterpretation of a 17th century play. Even though I was struggling to understand the movie, it was actually very good in creatively bringing the 400 years old play into a 21st century screen.

Never, never not taking dagkrant or volkskrant festival edition. They're extremely useful in the case that, let say, the venue has moved to the other side of the city :P
Come to think of it, also never, never choose any movie screened at Lantaren Venster again. In fact, choosing only movies screened at Pathe is probably healthier for your dear feet.

A few loose ends from Ashes of Time Redux (hi Bud!)
A full house. Everybody loves Wong Kar Wai. And I love Christopher Doyle more and more each film.

Saudade. It's a Portuguese word that's not translatable to other language. I think it's close to waas in Sundanese.
Or if it's about someone, kasuat-suat?

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  1. iya, gue nonton brent corrigan kayaknya seks itu menyakitkan... *halah*