14 Januari 2011


Awkay this is a where-have-you-been kinda thing, but I've just realized that there's a 'Stats' button in blogger dashboard. And these are some selected stats.

It looks like blogger count every page view, even from the same browser at the same session. I opened this blog at home this morning, twice at the office (my Chrome crashed once), and twice just now, so at least 5 of the 18 are mine. Well, at least I have a hint that possibly I'm not my only reader :D I just turned off the 'don't track your own pageviews' option, but I have to do that to all browsers that I use.

Confirmed. That 5 pageviews were me :D And who lives in Russia?

This is also from today.

5 Chromes, 2 Windows and 3 Macintosh were me. Does anyone still use Internet Explorer? Uhm... I'm not sure if we can still be friends :-"

I guess thank you tante viertje, oom budibadabadu and mbak dan for the traffic. I don't know the other referring URLs (nor sites), but also big thanks.

And this is also from this (last) month.

Why oh why anyone searching for 'sex anisa bahar' landed on this blog? And what the hell is 'penyakit pica'?

Well... they say you can do any crazy things with statistics, rite? This one is cool.

4 komentar:

  1. ok, that 2 pageviews from belgium were mine. and i often open it from vira's blog through blackberry... hehehe.....

    btw presentasi pak hans rolling sama aja menurut gue kayak presentasinya valerina daniel di metro hari ini tiap sore, bedanya vale pake bluescreen chromakey aja.

  2. hahaahhaaha... *mau komen tapi susah soalnya pusing sama statistik*

  3. @stan:
    it's been a while since i watched metro tv, but as I remember, it's just popping up bar charts. the 120,000 data points kind of impressed me. just like this one