16 Januari 2011


It's almost one month anniversary of Maximilienne, so for this joyous occasion I write this post.

My one month experience can be summed up as: not bad (translated to 'lumayan' in Indonesian). Owh I know you Mac fanboys (and fangirls) out there will shout at me (I got one already from a not-so-fanboy), but I did experience good and bad things in balance.

First of all, actually, no, I haven't got the chance to play a lot with Mimin. I was sort of too busy (yea yea) or too lazy to play with her. I'll come back to this later.

I like the intuitive touchpad. Looks minor but I always hate touchpads before. Can't work with them. For tricky jobs such as movie editing, I probably still prefer a mouse. But for usual jobs, touchpad works flawlessly.

On the downside, I don't like the keyboard shortcuts. Not the keyboard shortcuts per se, but how they often are different from their windows (and linux) counterparts for the same programs. It's confusing because I use windows at the office and I have to get used to two sets of different shortcuts. I didn't have this problem with ubuntu before. And while we're at it, why Mac refuse to have a 'delete' button is still a mystery to me.

Since I mentioned movie editing, up to this point I don't like iMovie. Unlike other mac experiences, iMovie is counter-intuitive for me. Maybe I should give it another go. Last time, I gave up and used Kdenlive on mprit instead.

But I like that everything comes out of the box. Software installation is one of the best experiences. Although I was still a linux newbie and cheated with debs all the time, still installing from scratch in ubuntu was sort of on one extreme and drag-and-drop installation in macosx is on the other extreme. Both are cool and compared to them, windows installation was completely pain in the a**.

With this in mind, you probably understand why I don't like installing micro$oft office. That one can't live without microsoft office is just a fact like Al Gore's nobel prize, so I even had it on ubuntu. Actually, since I do need it, I don't mind buying a copy and make bill gates richer. However, bung wildy from his eat, pray, love journey offered his extra license, so I happily use it. Wait, happily? Use? Since its release two months ago, those nice people at microsoft don't have a trial version available. Well, you know what a 30 Mbps and Vuze can do? I won't write it down here. The thing is, I couldn't use wildy's product key. I used all tricks and tweaks I found from up to page-5 Google, didn't work. And if I want to tweak and browse through endless forums, I'd rather stick with ubuntu. They usually have solution. Someone did promise me that with mac, I could leave the hassles and went straight to work :-" Well anyway, if anyone has any idea how to change product key in MS Office 2011, please please tell me. I'm desperate.

And yes, that's the thing. I'm not in the mood for playing and tweaking at this moment. Initially I wanted to install ubuntu lucid or maverick. Haven't tried any of them yet. What I did try once was linux mint julia. Kind of cool, I like the look and lots of other things. LiveCD didn't give a full experience and some stuffs still boggle me. I was thinking of trying opensuse as well. Lots of playing stuffs, just not there yet. Such a pity because this is where 30 Mbps can be really of use, but yeah, that's that. We'll see in a couple of months or so.

The Office 2011 trial version is finally released, but I still can't install it. The activated code is restored in cache somewhere and I can't find it. Oh well...

Update #2:
FINALLY I conquer macrosoft. Oh I'm so happy word(s) just fail me :)

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