25 Januari 2010


I wanted to comment on Addiena's 50 movies of the decade, but it seems like the best way to comment is by making a list of my own. So here goes, in alphabetical order.

21 Grams. Honestly, it's between this and Amores Perros. Somehow I have a fonder memory on this one. Or maybe I just love Sean Penn.

2046. Wong Kar Wai is always my sort of sanctuary. Nothing beats Chungking Express, but 2046 has its own magic.

arisan! The movie was cleverly written and neatly produced. But as for me, I can totally relate to the story. I can watch it over and over. I watched it when I was down and when I was so occupied and needed a break. Hypotheticaly speaking (or practicality aside), it's a movie that I would have with me if I have to live on a desert island.

Babel. Maybe it's due to the fact that I watch it in theatre. LSC thought that this was where Inarritu made peace with himself. I, on the contrary, found it as disturbing as (if not more than) Amores Perros and 21 Grams.

Closer. I really don't know why I like this movie. It's a movie about unhappy people who feel happy of being unhappy.

Dancer in the Dark. This is not an ordinary movie. This movie turns My Favorite Things into a sad song. It's a silent musical. A contradiction. A... masterpiece.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Intriguing (even tempting) isn't it? Very Kauffman :D

Good Night, and Good Luck. I think George Clooney should direct more. Maybe I like this movie because sometimes I wish I lived in the '50s :P

Gubra. This is the only Yasmin Ahmad's movie that I've watched so to you Yasmin Ahmad fans out there, do condemn me if you please. No need to discuss, it's Yasmin Ahmad's.

Happy Times. Well, any noncolossal Zhang Yimou's is worth watching, this one no exception (the colossal ones are up to you). It's the little things, the ordinary people and the simple story that really got me.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Oh come on, it's a good movie nonetheless :D I like it very much.

In the Mood for Love. This was my first Wong Kar Wai, and I fell in love without reserve.

Infernal Affairs. Hongkong gangster flick (flick?) that awed Scorsese. A complete package for action movie, including delicious (sparring of) Andy Lau and Tony Leung.

Little Miss Sunshine. Very fresh, very sincere, and of course extremely funny. It's groundbreaking in many ways.

The Lord of The Ring: The Return of The King. Ah yes, that LoTR. I admit that I was impressed by the fact that this movie managed to surpass its two predecessors in directing and cinematography. But it's more than a visual arrogance(TM). At least that's what I wrote on my note :P By the way, everybody knows it's gay :D

Lost in Translation. It's about crossroads, and something always lost in translation when you stop and think about it. And funny! (my note said it's very Gen-X) Love Sofia.

Memento. It's a very neat, very clever, very thought provoking movie. As minutes went by, Nolan made us, not merely watching, but actually becoming Leonard Shelby.

Million Dollar Hotel. Life is full of magic and Wim Wenders captured it in almost a naive way. Interesting characters. Brilliant story-telling. And I was in love with Tom Tom.

O Brother Where Art Thou. Coen brothers have a unique and brutal sense of humour. This one is theirs in their relax state. I enjoyed it very much.

Opera Jawa. Maybe because I watched Rindu Kami Padamu on VCD and Opera Jawa by gatecrashed into an invitation-only screening in Jiffest, it's the second one that I put on the list. I enjoyed it, although 'enjoy' maybe not the word. It's beautiful and sexy and violent in the way that you can expect from Garin Nugroho.

Punch Drunk Love. Sigh. It's not as good as Magnolia, kind of like PTA for beginners, but still breathtaking.

Scoop. I feel like I have to put at least one Wood Allen in the list :D Scoop is genuinly... stupid. Stupid good. Allen's kind of stupid. A little bit too verbal, but hey, it works.

Sin City. An amazing visualization of a surreal world, or is it not?

Waltz with Bashir. I think I was more intrigued than actually like this movie. The fact that there's a good animation movie from Israel is already interesting. But the story does give a new perspective. It's like Oliver Stone's Vietnam series set in Middle East. The actual scene of waltz 'with' Bashir gave me a chill.

Water Lilies. A coming-of-age story that flows oh so naturally. I might mistakenly assosciate stomachache with quality, but I think this is a movie that honest, sad and optimistic at the same time.

I know, it's only 25. I give up. It's d**n hard to keep a fair judgement over a 10 years period (kudos for Addiena for actually succeeded, you should try it yourself!). I know I miss a lot. Here are the left out candidates: Amelie (I plan to watch it again cause I missed a lot of this movie); Amores Perros; Big Fish; Blue Gate Crossing; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Chocolat; City of God; Crash; Curse of the Golden Flower; Eliana, Eliana (I know this one really should be in, alas, I can't recall its brilliance unless it stands out among Riri Riza's works); Hollywood Ending; The Hours; Inglorious Basterds; Into the Wild; Juno; Love Me If You Dare; Me, You, Them; Mulholland Drive; Mystic River; No Man's Land; The Photograph; Rindu Kami PadaMu; Shrek; Three Seasons; Y Tu Mama Tambien; You, the Living.

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