04 Februari 2010


I subscribed to PhysOrg newsletter years ago, and it burdens my inbox ever since (yes, even in GMail). Anyhow, lately one of my guilty pleasure is browsing through it and reading articles about (antrophogenic) global warming and its impact. The article itself usually not really interesting. It usually says one or some of the following items: CO2 level is increasing; temperature is increasing; ocean becomes slightly acidic; baby corals/planktons/any other cute creatures will be affected; sometimes even global warming affecting war/domestic violence/election result/Deportivo La Coruna lost to Real Madrid/etc. I usually amuse myself by reading the comments, both from the AGW supporters and oppositions. Although not entirely scientific, they sometimes give fairer points than the article. Heck, as I said, I read them for entertainment.

Although, unfortunately, the oppositions' comments usually wittier (and hence funnier) than the supporters' comments. This surely not helping in curing my skepticism*.
Absolutly Mike, I just read on here that all the worlds coral are dying off. Clearly these particular corals did not get the post last week. Could someone please resend the memo?
(4 years after tsunami: Corals stage comeback)
*I'm a cynic lately. Blame it to Crichton, Heath and Potter.

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