18 September 2009


After writing about how rebel vis-a-vis counter-culture is just marketing in disguise, suddenly I'm bored with Windows. Does anyone have experience running office 2003 on wine? I'm thinking of moving to Ubuntu. (no I don't want to move to MacOSX. it's not rebellious enough :D)

And, EID MUBARAK everybody :)

2 komentar:

  1. Office 2003 should be fine on Ubuntu, heck once I even created an open source POS (point of sale) running on Access 2003 ON Linux / Ubuntu.

    (the said application ended up shelved because Access is WAY too buggy - even when JUST being used as front-end (the backend is using PostgreSQL))

    Anyway, Office 2007 would be a totally different beast. But 2003 should be alright.

  2. thanks for the tips, mas harry. hmmm... actually I wonder how long office 2003 will still be convenient to use, when everybody start moving to 2007. I still prefer 2003, though