22 Juli 2008


I think stupidity lack of education is a major problem in Indonesia. Probably the most important problem. That's why I argued that it's important to make everyone smart. Or clever. Or have brain. Or...

Are these terms all similar?

Because I just read this article. And, probably for the first time in my life, these girls had successfully made me think that brain is overrated. I mean, come on...

Cewek bodoh juga manusia. :D

eggophilia: adeuuuh... disukain d**n s*str* *suit suit....*
b********: MAJALAHNYA yg disukain, bukan tulisan gw
b********: lagian d**n s*str* gitu loh, apa sih yg lo bisa arepin
b********: (BANYAK sih) :P
eggophilia: :))
b********: hehehehe
eggophilia: lho dia kan sering diskusi intensif tentang masa depan bangsa ini *still amaze with those words* :D
b********: hahahahaha
b********: iya, tolol bener ya doi
b********: orang2 bilang ke gw, "Cantik sih, tapi bego."
b********: gw bilang ke mrk, "Bego sih, tapi cantik."
(names are hidden to avoid fan's protest)

That so I thought.

Although there's a thing called pintergenic (I think it's from Ahmad), which means that being smart can make someone looks more beautiful. Or handsome actually, because we were talking about guys. But it doesn't go the other way around. I mean, a dumb handsome guy is still handsome. Whether he's still charming or not, that's another thing.

And up till now, I still secretly have crush on Tomtom :D

[picture is taken from Gatra]

2 komentar:

  1. katanya sih... mo orang dikasi education kayak apa pun kalo gizinya payah..juga susyee..tetep aja heng-hong...

    hmm..gizi yg baik pengaruh ke cantik juga gak ya...? hahaha..

  2. tapi vir, kalo yang gizinya udah bagus tapi masi tulalit juga gimana? :D

    jadi inget si mbak yg satu ini. apa kabar ya beliau? :D