30 Juni 2008


Somewhere between Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch, our train was running side by side with another train. Sometimes we went faster, sometimes slower, so I could see what was inside the other train. Unlike ours that consisted of rows of seats in a big wagon, it was divided into compartments with 6 seats each. The train looked shabby, almost like parahyangan

I haven't finished reading James Joyce's Dubliners. Heck, I haven't even started yet. But that was what crossed my head when our train slowly ran ahead the shabby train and swept through the compartments. I saw a little world with different stories.

A family.

A Japanese (or Chinese?) couple.

An Indian family.

Mixture of people that didn't know each other.

Two people making out.

A family.

Mixture of people that didn't know each other. One of them was a middle-aged Indonesian. He waved his hand at me.

And then, our train went slower and I saw the little world in reverse.

2 komentar:

  1. Meet Celine and Jesse?

    That Before Sunrise session always be my dream on Parahyangan train..:p

    Atau film Lux yg Dian Sastro itu yah?

  2. kisah yang mirip, tapi waktu itu "Angkot", sungguh perbedaan kelas yang sangat mencolok.