08 Maret 2008


I was so furious yesterday. For a good reason? I think so. I can't tell what's the problem exactly. Loyalty? Integrity? Pride? Shame? Can't? Won't? Dunno. Leave it overnight. Not so angry anymore. Need to chill. Need to jog. Maybe I should add another criterion to chungking jog sport: jogging doing sport to cure heartache due to end of relationship, rejected love, failed exam and unpaid slavery work, hihi :D

So I prayed for a soulmate (likely) and 9 mark for my TP1 exam (very unlikely). It says that if you're in torture, your prayer is most likely to be fulfilled (is it hadith? can't find the quotation :D) I even got an entrustment prayer, paid by toblerone. Hmm… can this praying thing be a serious business? *wink at anyone who entrusted his prayer to me*

Back to serious stuffs. It was the first time for me to actually thinking about leaving not going back. I know it’s the ego anger talking, but still...

Talking about this sucks. Let’s talk about something else. The bright side.

I don't exactly know why I'm inspired by this writing. It was the day after my failed exam, I was so blue for no apparent reason (haha, if you're a girl, you'll know what I mean), I had three days to prepare for the next exam but all I did was sitting before my laptop, not even chat because everybody seemed to be occupied with their works or exams, so I was just blogwalking.

Again, I don't know exactly why I'm inspired. I was about to quote something from it, but I don't know which part to quote. I guess it's just the whole idea, which reminds me of my root, also the approach that Jimmy and I call 'Arjen style'. It just remind me of why I chose this path at the first place. Why I fell in love with it. Things that probably fade away from third grade of my bachelor study.

I, somehow, fall in love (again). I suck, I know. But I love it. So for the moment, forget the unpaid work. The unsent CD. The falling down of my old school (well, not that dramatic, but we are worry). The she-already-published-her-novel- while-I-don’t-even-got-any-idea-yet thing. The how-should-I-comment-on-a- script-while-I-haven’t-written-such-things-myself thing. The I-don't-like-to-laugh- at-my-own-country-but-they-always-do-stupid-things thing.

Don’t know what lays ahead, but this is my thing. Right here. Right now.

5 komentar:

  1. hihihi.. Om Budi R itu posenya kok kurang nyambung ya sama brewoknya...? :P *ampun om..*

    rani, ada apa sih? gw nggak ngerti ceracauan lo kali ini .. (well it's not the first time sih..hihi)

  2. hehe... it's down on the criteria, vir: "...and unpaid slavery work"

    2nd thought, kalo slavery mah emang ga dibayar yah? :D

    ntar japri aja deh. makan lewat YM sambil ngebayangin ayam reformasi, hihi :D

  3. Kalo lagi 'feeling-blue',curhat2 emang lebih enak diomongin,eh,ditulisin pake coro-énggrés ya? Lagian, 'perasaan-biru' juga masih aneh kali:p
    Unpaid-slavery-work ya? Ckck,yah,di negeri itu,kamu hanya meneruskan pengalaman nenek moyangmu dulu, Nduk...:D

  4. gara2 telanjur janji english only atau indonesia saja sih :D *ga berlaku buat komen, hehe*

    slavery-nya di indonesia lagi wil. duh, emang nasip gue dijajah sama bangsa sendiri :((

  5. hayu atuuh.. kalo sama2 online, cerita ya.. sambil makan ayam reformasi..huahahaha.. itu lucuu..