16 Maret 2008


My Blueberry Nights is a pie (blueberry pie, of course) of Wong Kar-Wai's recipe.

That's it.

That's it?

*It's not easy to make a one-line-review, but if you find a perfect sentence, it feels really good, isn't it?* :D

But there's more, of course.

To tell the truth, I was a bit discouraged by Rotten Tomatoes 56% T-Meter Critics. The movie does sound a little bit risky. First WKW English language movie with Norah Jones as the leading role? :-?

It turns out that I enjoyed the movie. It's... yeah... it gives you the alienated- lose-yourself feelings as in Chungking Express. The cinematography and directing are what you can expect from WKW. The story... well, it has to be there. All the mixture emotions blend well with the "main plot" and the "subplot". But it still lacks of something in it, I can't really tell what. And the ending justifies the cheesy blueberry pie-y feeling.

Norah Jones is not that bad, but it seems as if she doesn't really belong to the character (well, if it's not bad, then what is it? :D). I kept picturing someone else plays her role, Juliette Lewis, probably? (how's she, anyway? does she totally leave her acting career and become a rocker?). The rest of the cast are ok. Not really special, though. I kind of like Jude Law, although his accent is a little bit weird. I also like Jeremy's ex, even though it's just a small role.

The—waddaya call it—details(?) are interesting but also not really convincing. The keys. The postcards. The bills. The car. Hmm... I thought the car was just a saying "I'm saving for a car." I like the twist with the name. Oh, ok, it's not really a twist but it's saturday night. My brain is having its day off :D

In the end, I have to agree with the critics. It's beautiful, enjoyable to watch, but it's just slightly above mediocre. It's good, but not Wong Kar Wai's best.

2 komentar:

  1. Eh hmm... takut il pil...
    Chungking Express & 2046 is the best

  2. for the sake of watching wong kar wai di bioskop sih pik :D

    duh, there will be blood kapan ya?