31 Januari 2007


A what? A sore and bleeding toe.

Why? I kicked a stool.

Why, again? I was working 'till afternoon, and without any notification someone just shut down the electricity for maintenance purpose.

And? And I lost my temper and kicked a stool and my toe bleed.

No, I mean, and...? Oh yeah, and I was pingponged all morning for administration stuff. And had a letting down discussion which reminded me of my rejected proposal (well, JM's, actually) and "segmented ghost". And had a long preach last friday. And for the last 2 weeks people kept asking about me being transferred because my boss doesn't think I working here. You know, just happy to hang out at office until 9 PM.

And then you kicked a stool? Yeah. And I couldn't find my umbrella (it was dark, you know) and I went home in the light rain, still angry and feeling a bit like Gilang (you know Gilang, the character I've been working on). And then it struck me.

Lightning? Nooo! The fact that I was being totally foolish.

You were. Well...

And then? I went to internet stall and had a chat with Edo. And then I shopped at Toko Bahagia (The Happy Store), bought a cadbury bar (for ecstatic effect) and coffee (for the next day's work, you know, to catch the unsaved work) and redoxon (to prevent cold from walking in the rain). And a bag of Lays, in Circle-K, at 6.30 PM (breaking my 4th of 4 parameters).

So it's a happy ending? Yeah... sort of. I made a mental note that the things that keep my sanity are the ability to laugh at myself, and realizing the Big Guy Upthere is the Greatest Comedy Writer.

The end? And a sore and bleeding toe. The end.

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  1. ikansapi5/2/07 15:54


    tapi kok Big "Guy" siiih..? emangnya cowok ya..? :P

  2. menurut lo emangnya gue lagi ngomongin siapa vir? ;P