15 Juni 2012


X: Iiih... lu kok pake kaos G*P sih? Itu kan pabriknya sweat shop?
Y: Sweat shop teh apaan?
X: Itu produksi pabrik-pabrik yang buruh-buruhnya dibayar murah banget.
Y: Bagus dong kalo gitu gua beli. Daripada udah dibayar murah, ngga ada yang beli lagi. Kan kasian.

-Sebuah percakapan di pertengahan taun 2000-an. Nama disamarkan untuk melindungi reputasi para pelaku, tapi kalo ada yang ngerasa silakan ngacung ;))

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  1. percakapan antara gue dan seorang teman, kira-kira begini..

    teman: oh sendal lo Nike. Ogah ah gue. buruh-buruhnya underpaid.
    gue melirik sepatunya, Converse.
    gue: kalo Converse nggak ya?
    teman: nggak tau juga sih.


  2. hahaha :))

    btw, ini dari buku The Rebel Sell. I'm sorry I'm geeky that way
    In her book Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers, journalist Alissa Quart takes a hard look at contemporary youth culture and is shocked by what she finds. Preteens wearing makeup, teens working as "trendspotters" for corporations, high schoolers doing steroids or getting costmetic surgery - all of them treading in a sea of brands, brands everywhere. Quart places the blame on marketers and advertisers, and because she is convinced that the enemy is conformity, not competition, she rejects school uniforms as a solution to the problem she has diagnosed. According to Quart, what students need to do is rebel. She celebrates the 60's scene, with its cultural creativity; she actually suggests that kids should become more like she was, back in the days when all she needed in the way of style was a pair of Converse trainers and a Ramones T-shirt.
    The fact that she actually names the brand of shoes she wore during her adolescent rebellion is staggering. For some reason, she thinks there is a difference between the Converse trainers she wore (basketball shoes made famous by Julius Erving) and the Nikes that kids wear today (basketball shoes made famous by Michael Jordan), to the point where she was a 'rebel' and today's teenagers are 'victims'.

    eh eh eh itu percakapannya taun berapa? Converse diakuisisi Nike sejak taun 2003. Pabriknya ya itu2 juga :))

    1. percakapannya sekitar bulan Agustus tahun lalu, antara gue dan seseorang yg notabene "idealis", pro rakyat susah, dan nggak suka mall. hihihi...

  3. Waduh gw Pro Adidas euy.. Impossible is Nothing!!!

  4. gw jadi dilema nih. sendal gunung gw 25 ribu. itu harga ke konsumen. Berarti buruhnya dibayar berapaaaa? tapi kok jadi pingin ketawa

  5. coba liat ini sal

    eh tapi kudu liat The New Rulers of the World juga si biar imbang