07 April 2012


To my lovely blog readers who still use firefox, I have several questions for you:

  1. Do you find the font for my blog title and some of the headers annoying?
  2. Do you see me as a lower human being for using comic sans?
  3. Should I change the font? Even if the alternative is something as generic as, say, Helvetica or Courier New? (Pardon my limited Typography 101)

I guess these questions are also valid for safari or opera users. For my readers who use internet explorer, I'm sorry, your opinion doesn't count :D

This blog was designed and tested on chrome, using default blogger template designer. This is what it supposed to look like.
A little clarification:
This is what my blog looks like on firefox.

Context on my facebook.

Why so serious? ;)

5 komentar:

  1. i think your blog title is not a comic sans.. but schoolbell.. isn't it? :p

    -schoolbell lover :p-

  2. iya emang schoolbell dan. lo pakek browser apa? gue tes di firefox/windows dan opera/windows keluarnya comic sans. kalo di chrome/windows si keluarnya bener schoolbell.

  3. eh di opera/windows malah sans serif ding *laporan dari sebelah*

    tapi tetep yg gue pertanyakan mah comic sans. masalahnya reputasi dan harga diri euy :(

  4. i use safari and i see schoolbell. and if you like comic sans, use it. if you don't, then don't use it. as simple as that :D

  5. good :)

    I most definitely don't use comic sans :P it's firefox glitch kayanya. it's somehow not compatible with web font, so it shows the 'nearest' font available. hence comic sans. and I'm too lazy to try to fix it

    (ini udah lama ga ngecek juga sih. ngecek di kompie sendiri ga bisa karena schoolbell-nya udah di-install, jadi pasti keluar)