26 Juni 2011


Cute, eh? Suddenly I become a fan of meerkats because I just love Maverick. I hesitated to upgrade at first. Lucid worked just fine and it's an LTS. And I read some bad reviews of Natty (the current release), not to mention I'm really discouraged by Unity look. Three reasons why I finally decided to upgrade. First, it turns out that you have to upgrade gradually (from Lucid to Maverick to, if you wish, Natty), so I won't be upgrading to Natty by accident. Second, turns out some people still hang on old (working) releases, not really bother about support. Security-wise, Ubuntu doesn't have any serious issue anyway.

Third and the main reason I wanted to upgrade in the first place, is Lucid doesn't support multitouch gestures, those like in MacOSX :D

Anyway, the upgrade went well (finished a few pages of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe along the way), and voilĂ , I have Maverick. And boy... I'm so pleased with it. For one thing, it's fast, like, it's so fast that when I returned to MacOSX, I felt it kind of dragged. Well, 'fast' is not really a technical term I guess, but I just feel it.

There are glitches of course. I mean, it's Linux. So let's see.

I managed to configure TouchEgg. Oh well, not really. I followed the instruction here but failed, then I just used the .deb package here. I still couldn't make the gestures exactly like MacOSX (and the desktop environment is different anyway), but overall it's fine. Although when I overuse it, sometimes it turns like this:

(Update: there's a new version, but it says it's for Natty. I don't know if it works in Maverick and I don't think I want to upgrade, so we'll see)

I'm still doubting about temperature/fan control. I have a close look on temp, especially the graphic card one, and often manually adjust fan speed. Other previous documentations about Ubuntu on Mac mention temperature problem, but if I compare MacOSX and Maverick temperatures, they're more or less the same or even higher on MacOSX. Found a tweak here but still unsure whether I need it. Oh by the way, the sensor that reads 90 centigrade is faulty. I couldn't fix it but I'm pretty sure it's not really that high.

But actually the most noticeable drag from this configuration is that now I'm getting more and more impatient with my office PC. Not only it's Windows *chuckle*, but the machine is also getting old I guess. Aaarrghh... at least it's only for three months. Hopefully next year I will get a new PC :D

- picture of meerkat was a courtesy of stolen from Andri Prihutomo

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  1. I didnt finish reading this post because i dont know what youre talking about and i know i'll get dizzy if I tried. But!! I agree, meerkats are ADORABLE...!!! have you seen the documentary on them on Animal Planet? Oooohhhhh... the unbearable cuteness of being! *next to cats* :D

    Have a lovely day,Rani! :D

  2. The unbearable cuteness of being... cute :D

    Have a lovely day too, Vira :D