01 April 2011


DONE!!! Yaaayyyy!!! Alright, admittedly not exactly every day and sadly not always funny (see 03 March), but at least I did it!

This goal is actually an extension of another goal. And the moral lesson is… it's much much harder than I thought. Granted, the only person that ever said that I'm funny is French. And I'm still not a lesbian. But, yeah, usually you have to respond to something. And if you like, really try, it somehow become not as easy as if you don't try, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, here's the 31 days updates. My comments in italic.

waking up my funny gene. get up! get up! it's 3 hours to the next day! #desperate
01 March at 20:12
Lame, yeah, I know. See, desperate.

"All the doors in this spaceship have a cheerful and sunny disposition. It is their pleasure to open for you, and their satisfaction to close again with the knowledge of a job well done." (Marvin in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
The doors probably have the personality of a door(mat) ;))
02 March at 21:45

You're not a comedian, you're just trying so hard to be (Budi Warsito Zuckerberg, 2011)
03 March at 03:25

I left Arthur Dent at my bedside drawer at home. What is the probability of his hitchhiking a starship with the infinite improbability drive to make his way over here to Enschede?
04 March at 05:33

sarapan di hotel kok ga ada nasi goreng ya?
04 March at 06:58
Yeah, two half-almost-funny updates equal one almost-funny, right? :D

All Facebookers are equal but some Facebookers are more equal than others.
05 March at 14:57
Well, Orwell doesn't really apply on Facebook, or does it?

awkay, revised (revert back) to original version: All netizens are equal but some netizens are more equal than others.
05 March at 15:45

"What is it?!" shout Friendster furiously. "Am I not good enough for you? You don't love me anymore? Your friends don't like me? Oh my God, you're seeing someone else aren't you? Wait, you're seeing Facebook! I knew it! I knew you're seeing Facebook!"
06 March at 16:19

+ Why the Dutchs sell marijuana in coffeeshops?
- To get revenge on the Americans for not selling it in their drugstores.
07 March at 22:34

ternyata gue masi anak TL: clueless without metcalf & eddy. oh pak benny maafkan aku...
08 March at 19:23

mamayu teu sarua jeung hawek. pan?
09 March at 17:51

if b-t-w is pronounced longer than by the way, why use it in a face to face conversation?
10 March at 20:51

My status for 11 March was 'pray for Japan'. Obvious, right? The second reason I didn't try to be funny that day was I didn't feel well, sort of pre-spring cold. The third was I couldn't compete with Ibu Mari.

hari sepatu nasional? nyerah deh... gue ga bisa lebih lucu dari ini
Jumat sebagai Hari Sepatu Nasional
Menteri Perdagangan Mari Elka Pangestu resmi mencanangkan hari Jumat sebagai Hari Sepatu Nasional pada hari ini.
10 March at 21:57

nasi sudah menjadi bubur ayam #peningkatansuhutubuh,degradasiorijinalitas
12 March at 19:56

watching LOST season 5 & 6 is not a guilty pleasure. just a guilt :P
13 March at 17:14 

watching america's next top model while munching a big full fat milk chocolate bar, not to mention wearing a worn t-shirt and ugly pants. I wonder what tyra would say ;))
14 March at 20:42

My supervisor insisted on using 'Dr. Ir.' because she's 'proud to be an engineer'. If I write 'Ir. Widyarani', I will just look like from class of '85. cc:Ir. Frans Tumbuhan
15 March at 20:01

'Maybe if you weren’t so distracted by sick children in Africa, you could have put a little more thought into Windows Vista.' (Sheldon, to Bill Gates, according to Raj in The Big Bang Theory)
16 March at 22:10

ngantuk. belum solat. belum ngelucu :(
17 March at 22:08
Who said you can't pull this trick twice? ;) #cheat
turns out the funniest thing happened to me today until 20 minutes to midnight is still GIMP with dutch interface #insidejokewithgod
18 March at 23:42

Bom buku adalah "cara yg gak asik untuk bikin sebuah buku menjadi booming." (Budi Warsito, 2011) #udahbasbangblm?
19 March at 08:21

"Adriii... kalo kalah ga boleh nangis yaaa!" kata Rina Tiara Bahroen ke Adri.
Beberapa menit kemudian. "Riiiin... gue boleh nangis ngga?" gue setelah kalah telak 7-17 maen memory sama Adri.
20 March at 21:42 

moral lesson, nee, epiphany of the day: don't work with empty stomach or you'll end up spilling coffee all over your table
21 March at 23:24

udah waktunya ngebuaya ya? asiiik... mari mengejar bebek
22 March at 19:07

Mengidamkan kulit putih,halus,kencang,tubuh langsing dgn biaya ekonomis? Temukan rahasianya di www. t**y c**e .com #smsnyasar #updatetakberbayar

ps: mama minta pulsa
23 March at 23:27

"Hard ware, this is like software but more difficult, yes?" -stumbled upon an ubuntu forum, sheldon's favorite linux-based operating system
24 March at 22:05

kalo ke centrum jam segini belum kopavond dong... #lospokus #menghiburdiri
25 March at 18:18

wokeeeh... udah pesen in view di amazon, tau2 DVD-nya ada di FRS. bageeuuss... #pundung
25 March at 20:16
Alrite, this one's more like inside joke with the universe. Just like this one.

Oh mai god roy suryo punya twitter??? saya merasa sangat tidak funkih
26 March at 09:17

rek api-api 25 ge angger we nga-vakum jeung ngepel sakoridor mah nyeri cangkeng :P #habisnontonolddogs
27 March at 23:19

lima taun jadi anak teknik cuma bawa2 map doang, akhirnya tadi bawa bazoka nyulik punya Dianika Lestari ;))
28 March at 22:14

only geeks would google 'geek joke' :P
29 March at 22:52

adooh... gara2 status-nya Rahayu Ferlina dan komennya Robert De Nura jadi kangen ayam goreng reformasi. see... kata siapa reformasi gagal total? ;))
30 March at 19:52

Is making fun of politicians politically incorrect?
31 March at 23:18

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