14 Februari 2009


I don't know if being funny is my thing, but it's sure is one of the things I like. I like comedy. I like laughing and I like making people laugh. Heck, I even listed comedy writing in my 43things.

The other day I had a chat with Mumun about how guys perceive funny girls. Well, it started with a Ben Stiller movie (I don't know which one—Munc, can you help me out here?), so it's not exactly scientific. But in that movie, it was said that, funny girls are... boyish masculine.

Doesn't make sense? I give you two words. Ugh, one name, actually.

Ellen DeGeneres.

I just start watching 30 Rock. I like it. Alec Baldwin is hilariously funny, although I saw him doing more or less the same bit in Friends and Will & Grace (wait, have I ever seen Alec Baldwin somewhere else?). And of course Tina Fey is great. And it's based on SNL backstage, you know, the show that I want to be a part of (yeah, Ran, dream on...)

I landed on season 1, episode 3. Hmpf. Waddayaknow...
Liz: So what are you saying, Pete? I should just be a lesbian?
Pete: Well, I'm not saying it'll be easy. You know, get drunk first.

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  1. hai mbak,

    kenalan dulu ya. saya suka sesekali baca-baca di sini, tapi baru sekarang tergerak untuk berkomentar. mungkin karena aku juga suka fey dan 30 rock dan SNL or making it as a comedy writer dan merasakan hal yang sama juga soal funny women.

    but, have you read this piece in the guardian about screwball comedy: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2008/mar/01/featuresreviews.guardianreview11

    i'm a big fan of katharine hepburn so that's why i enjoy the piece. yang menarik dan relevan di sini mungkin paragraf yang soal ini:

    "They were extraordinary because they were funny women. Women aren't supposed to be funny; we still find it difficult to deal with. Too much sexual humour and they appear sluttish, predatory. Too many gags, too many jibes, too much wit and speed, and they'll be mannish, vicious, threatening, when they're meant to be tender. More wit than that and - gawdhelpus - they'll seem clever. Women shouldn't take physical risks - that's upsetting; they shouldn't be too athletic, shouldn't lose their dignity or their grip; they're supposed to be nurturing and steady. Women shouldn't subvert themselves, enjoy their own sexuality or cause unrest. Which is to say, women shouldn't do anything at all involved in being funny. Leaden cultural norms make female comedy a tricky proposition even now; the screwball comediennes were breaking every rule in the book 60 and 70 years ago. They did it by sheer force of talent, and toe-to-toe with the leading men of the day."

    i hope this helps. or console. or inform. or...whatever you want it to be :)


  2. Raneeee... the term was actually... masculin. Funny is a masculin trade. The movie emphasis that what guy would want a funny a.k.a masculin woman if they can have a femninin a.k.a not funny girl... hahahahhaa...

    DO guys that like funny girls be presumed as gay? and should they be a 'gay' couple because they're happy? Hahahah

    The movie was The Heartbreaker Kid... I think. Cek it out!

    rock on,

  3. @isyana:
    hai juga :) makasi sudah mampir dan komen dan ngasi link yg menarik.
    yup yup, so women are required to show an appropriate amount of comedy, then. there's an intriguing truth in that article :D

    hehe, udah diralat. gue mempertimbangkan bbrp istilah ketika menulis ini, secara kita kemarin ngobrolnya pake bahasa indonesia.

    this funny=masculine=lesbian starts confusing me (kind of like watching too much will and grace in a row). ur 2nd point intrigued me, tho' LOL

  4. I do think that being funny does help with my mating quest. I'm a (masculine) lesbo fyi. One of my ex actually listed me as 'amusing' and despite my other antiques, making her laugh her bowel movement off does correlate with getting her to sleep with me.

    I sorta wish Tina Fey is a lesbian. Is she?

  5. And uh, also. I do think masculine (ish) women are funny because they break down barrier of appropriateness. They don't operate on the same wavelength with other non funny women who lived by the norm.

  6. so women who live by the norm can't be funny? d*mn I should find this norm thing and try to break it :P

    I believe Tina Fey is straight. she has kids and all. try her book Bossy Pants, it's occasionally funny