20 Februari 2009


Wrong Rosary was called “a uniquely creative film of the most eloquent simplicity, a film built from a feeling of immediacy, moment by moment, breath by breath; a film that builds an absolutely unique form of suspense; a film that stays true to itself from beginning to end.” (IFFR website)
I read treespotter's blog where he mentioned Edwin, which reminded me that I haven't checked the winners of Tiger Awards. So I went to IFFR wesite and to my surprise, I actually did see one of the winners. (Unfortunately, I missed Edwin's Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly that also won prestigious International Critics' Prize)

Wrong Rosary is a story of a muadzin (person who call for prayer in mosque) who fell in love with his neighbour nun. My first impression when reading the storyline, pardon me, was Ayat-ayat Cinta. Of course it's not the same, even quite the opposite (and I actually haven't seen Ayat-ayat Cinta either). But still I was curious.

My impression after seeing it was, what the Jury grandly called "a film that stays true to itself from beginning to end", its naiveté (yea... I also admit that I just want to use that word). I enjoyed, but also somehow was annoyed by it. I felt that the director wanted to say too much, but maybe I got that impression because he said something like, "If you don't believe in love, I hope you will after seeing this movie."

I didn't feel any changes at all, but that's another thing :D

True that it is modest and beautiful. And it's up to you whether you want to put religion into the equation or not. I like the dialogue when the muadzin told the imam that he was thinking of (marrying) a girl and the imam asked whether the girl was religious or not, and he said, "Yes, very."

And my heart was touched when hearing the sound of adzan, but that's also another thing :)

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