14 November 2010


Verdict: broken graphic card

Just as I suspected :(

Well... she didn't do so bad in the last three and a half year. A good companion for sure. One movie (although the finishing wasn't on her) and a couple of just-for-fun clips. No significant writings except my theses (not entirely on her) and of course this blog. And the price I paid for her had been break even :D

So, waiting for the payday to get a new one. Or more accurately, this month's and next month's paydays :D

Meanwhile, still toying with Maverick Meerkat (yes, I finally install it), living from crash to crash. I managed to compile DeVeDe. And Maliq is alive again! I managed to synchronise it with Banshee, although without the playlists :( So it's a 4 gigs mp3 player :P But the cover arts were loaded (yaaay, cool) and I'd edited the right track information so at least I can browse through artists and albums. Now I will try to install PSPP.

And for the next month(s)... Well, which one should I choose? (by the way, I still fond of Ubuntu so on either one I will buy, I will also install Ubuntu for sure).

A. MacBook or MacBook Air Pro. Kang Beng recommended MacBook. No firewire, which is bad in MacBook. There is one in MacBook Pro which essentially means I pay an extra 150 euro for firewire. GeForce graphic card, which (sounds) good. And if I want a legal Mikocok Office, should I buy both Office 2011 (for Mac) and Office 2010 (for Ubuntu on Wine)? Or just buy one and the good intention counts :P

B. Toshiba Portégé R700 or R705. R700 is a professional version, the higher configuration priced just as much as Macbook (Pro). R705 is a bestbuy version with slightly less features. Onboard graphic card so the same problem will likely occur. No firewire but certain R700 (haven't checked which one on what price) has expresscard slot. Or just buy the cheaper R705 and use the extra money to buy a new Mini DV with HDD :P

4 komentar:

  1. Mac-ized! :D

  2. Ada tiga sebab kenapa saya enggan pake mac (diulang biar kesannya banyak yg komen):
    1. Pake mac berarti mengakui bahwa Edo benar
    2. Naha pake mac teh jadi mainstream yah. Asa tidak fungky, jadi diri sendiri, apapun kata mereka #ketularan patra
    3. Takut diledekin karena (keliatan) kaya

  3. Rindu komen Ran? hihihi..

  4. rindu kamu ;)) #efekwinter #ditimpukblekberi