16 Oktober 2010


I've been toying with mprit since last night. Heads up: she's been acting difficult since we came here. Well, she was difficult before, I suspect since I upgraded her to Lucid. Fresh install (which I did just before I left Bandung i.e. just before I was disconnected from the internet) doesn't help. Arguably make things worse, because it means I stuck with the unstable 2.6.32 kernel (I'll get to that later). I was tempted to downgrade to Karmic, but realise it's not really a good idea since its support will end in six months. That's why I upgrade to Lucid anyway, to get a long term support.

Anyway, the idea is to upgrade to Maverick. It's not LTS but it's the newest release so why not. And how it went? Here's my notes.

#As Resa suggested, I tried TestDrive. It didn't work. Maybe I didn't have enough space for virtualbox, or I don't know. No idea.

#I looked for a new flashdrive for a startup disk. I have a 4 gigs which I use for Zotero (and actually has Karmic in it but I plan to delete soon) and a 512MB (yes you read it right) which I call 'pecun' because I plug it anywhere without much care. I should be more careful now since I use Windoze again at the office but that's not important for now. The important thing is 512MB is not enough for a startup disk. I want to keep the Zotero disk intact so yes, I need a new one. I was looking for a 1 gig but apparently, they don't sell anything below 4 gigs anymore. Why 1 gig, because it's just what I need and I have this irritating impulse to matching the needs and the available resources. But I went with 4 gigs anyway and thinking that I can make a portable station just for the sake of it.

#So I tried Maverick. I liked the look and impressed with the speed.

#But sadly it didn't work. Still crashed for no reason.

#By the way, I tried Lucid (on LiveCD) and Karmic (on the aforementioned Zotero disk), and both crashed. I wasn't surprised with Lucid crashing (it crashes all the time), but Karmic on Zotero disk is a newfound. So maybe the problem is on mprit's hardware? She's three years old now and a hardworker.

#Anyway, since I suspect it's down to kernel problems, I tried installing new kernels and end up with 6 kernels installed. Two default Lucid kernels are useless, and I found at least the booting problem is solved using 2.6.31.

#When I started writing this post, I was on kernel 2.6.33 with a workaround. Guess what, it crashed. Now, back to the ol' 2.6.31.

#I will publish this post in a few minutes, then maybe an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and finally put Thom Yorke on and clutch in my precious leopard sheet bed with Grisham or 6 Easy Pieces, while thinking of the next step.

#Yes, I'm sticking with ubuntu. I'm stubborn that way.

#Because I'm bored with Windoze. I've said that before. Beside, I have Windoze at the office so my work is fine. Sticking with ubuntu doesn't affect my work because I don't work at home. Seriously, I don't.

#And despite the fact that I can't afford a Mac right now, I still don't think I need it. See my previous point about need vs available resource.

#Nope. Still happy with mprit now. Still playing a lot with her. Playing, not working (@edo, please please don't give that Mr BR link again, I've read it enough). I enjoy my learning curve and that's something you can't say about a lot of things. And, another irritating habit of mine is I like building things from scratch and see they progress gradually. Mprit and my Banshee metadata are my current projects.

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  1. I'm not blaming you. After all, you warned me.. *tatapan nanar*

  2. Thx God, I've spent these kind of things during my undergrad. :)

  3. Thx God I spent my undergrad doing other things :D

  4. Yeah like doing plenty Rani-banget-things during that time ;))

  5. hmm :-?
    I thought Rani-banget was invented when I started pursuing postgrad education :D