30 Agustus 2010


More this and that. Sorry folks, my mind's so incoherent lately I can't elaborate more than a few sentences. My previous remark didn't point to a particular tweep (for all I know, he doesn't have a twitter account), but to my one-liner tendency of late.

So, here goes...
  • Biopic is a tricky beast, don't you think? Even a story as sexy as Soe Hok Gie's could go wrong. I mean, not a total disaster, but... you should know what I mean... #afterseeingsangpencerah'sposter
  • Oh, Maliq is alright, by the way. He was soaked with rain (along with me and my backpack) the previous weekend when I took a trip with Upik and Kanti to Curug Cilengkrang. And he, umm, refused to show vital signs for a few days. Much to my surprise, the rice method does work! Now... I have to find a new jacket and pair of earphones for him as I promised :P
  • After watching Funny People, I decided that I reaaalllyy... want to write for a stand-up comedian. I can't tell jokes myself and the only person who ever said that I'm funny is French, but I think I can give the writing a shot. Now... is there any comic out there who's looking for a writer?
  • Listening to Lurgee over and over and over makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. And after the fiasco receded, some of the hilarity vanish and some of the pain stay. Well, I'm fine, though. Just something I have to live with :P
  • Hot Tub Time Machine, a cross of Back to the Future and The Hangover, stays true to its '86 spirit. Quoting Mr. Scott from NYT, 'It’s fun, it’s sad, and it’s kind of sad that it’s so much fun.'
  • Passing by Pasar Baru area last Saturday for a bag of coffee and I was thinking of this and how Bandung's government seem to not having any clue of the city's current problems, let alone how to fix them. They don't try to solve it, not even with band-aid solution (which at least still A solution—yeah I feel smart to come up with this). By the way, except various rants in this blog, what have I done, again?
  • And I can't believe that, when I go to Banceuy almost every month, I failed to notice this. There should be a 'Toko Emas Gold' next to it, I think :P

4 komentar:

  1. aku pelanggan setia toko besi "Iron"

  2. hahaha... I didn't know that... :))

  3. Customer satisfactory, high quality commodity, efficient moves from the crews. The prices..I dunno..some say it's cheaper, some say it's a bit higher, they use fixed price that we can't complain. and since they provide almost all basic hardware need for your construction/ exterior/ interior/ furniture/ plumbing/electrical etc. projects (they not only provide stuff made from....ehm.. iron)somehow the shop is always so crowded but we can wait patiently because we know they are working on our order, not like the ngetem angkots you know....
    In other words, you can count on "Iron, The Ironmongery"

  4. Toko Besi "Iron". Bwahahaha..