29 Juli 2009


I want to play one of my favorite game. Just call it 'what if that movie was directed by...' (a cooler name, anyone?)

And today's game is: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Let's start with the obvious ones.

David Yates: A promising beginning. Looks like going to be a fast pace, thrilling yet witty adventure. A loose adaptation of the book, while keeping the dearly coming of age (a.k.a horny teenagers) subplot. Somehow losing focus after the second half.
What? Yates already did it? No kidding!
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? No!

Mike Newell: You think there's too much snogging in Yates' Half-Blood Prince? No way! That's not even half of how much it supposed to be. The Harry-Ginny-Dean and Hermione-Ron-Lavender love triangles still have so many things to be explored. And don't you think that that Neville has a thing for Luna?
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? A chance for Harry to kiss Ginny good luck? Hell yes!

Alfonso Cuarón: A rather loose adaptation but keep the most important things (you may argue which you think as important, though). The silent visual touches will speak as much as words. There will be a Dickensian touch on young Tom Riddle's portrayal.
I know, I just adore Cuarón. Pardon me.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? I think so. Cuarón is known as being unafraid of cutting unnecessary plots, but this is huge. So, yes.

Chris Columbus: Wow, this is difficult. We haven't seen him for a while in this series and I haven't seen Rent. My guess is that Half-Blood Prince will be made as two films as Deathly Hallows, just to put everything he wants to put in. A bit soft and comedic rather than thrilling.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? How come anyone think to leave that one out? It will be adjusted for PG, though.

And now the likely candidates.

Christopher Nolan: Dark and poignant. More focus on young Tom Riddle that even makes you start to empathize. Harry's attachment to the Half-Blood Prince will be felt deeply painful after Snape's revelation. Gosh, I think Nolan will be brilliant.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? Most probably. I think he won't mind stretch a bit more duration for some juicy action.

Tim Burton: He will somehow convince the WB execs to put Johnny Depp as Dumbledore, and you can expect some Willy Wonka resemblance. Some journey to the past. More Tom Riddle, Malfoy, Snape and *chuckle* Luna. A bit more trivial.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? I don't know. He probably has his own idea for the ending.

M. Night Shyamalan: I see dead people. Haha, kidding. I'm no fan of Shyamalan and none of his work after the Sixth Sense had fascinated me. I have no idea what his will be like.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? Let's toss a coin. Head or tail?

Terry Gilliam: Faaan! Your turn! :D
According to salon.com, Gilliam was listed, along with Burton and Shyamalan, as fans' initial favorite candidates. It's been a long time since I watched 12 Monkeys. I just had Brazil's DVD and I'll probably update this post after I watch it.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? See above.

And this one, just for fun.

Michael Bay: Hermione is hotter than ever. Just throw in some more chicks, a few superspells (Half-Blood Prince's or not), and lots of blasts.
Will there be the battle of Hogwarts? Yes. And the battle of Surrey. And the battle of the Burrows. And the battle of Diagon Alley. And the battle of Knockturn Alley. And the battle of Hogsmeade. And the battle of Forbidden Forest. Just bring it on!

5 komentar:

  1. Rani, wouldnt it be cooler if Depp plays Snape? oh he'd be soooooooooooo cool and awwwwesome! and ganteng gila, soalnya Snape has the gantengest coat of all. Next in line is Draco's coat. hahaha.

    kalo Syamalan yg bikin, hm.. di akhir film Harry teerbangun dan tnyata semua itu hanya mimpi.
    Ooorr.. after all the actions and hassles, ternyata tulisan nama pemilik di buku HBP itu sebenernya ilusi Harry belaka. ah pokonya yg gantung gila gitu deh, kayak The Happening dan Lady in the water (but unlike 6th sense) ...hahahahaha

    *sotoy juga gue ya*

  2. lah ini gue kurang sotoy gimana coba vir? :D

  3. Yang paling cocok di Harpot itu ALan Rickman as Snape & Tom Felton as Dracooo (slurp)!!! secara adegan yang ada Harrynya adalah bagian-bagian yang paling membosankan di filmnya. Sayang kurang banyak Snape & Draconya hix..

    Kalau sutradaranya Ang Lee kaya gimana yah? kaya Harry Potter & the Brokeback Goblet itu kah..haha

  4. huahahaha!!!
    dumbledore will be outed sooner dan filmnya bakal penuh cowok2 imut macam si edward cullen ituh :D

  5. alan rickman sudah coolest as snape. sayangnya dia merelakan jam tayang buat anak2 kecil itu...
    I really-really waited for him to sneer when HarPot is praised by the new potion master... or to coolly reflecting HarPot's spells while teaching him not to shout it out loud... and to become angry in flash when called a coward... dst... dst... hiks hiks hiks
    untung aja si draco gayanya lumayan pas dengan imej di buku.
    tapi yg paling heran, kenapa si Ginny sama sekali ga menarik perbandingan antara bukunya HBP dengan diary Tom Riddle, padahal itu kan yang jadi alasan dia mulai ikut campur urusan HarPot... heran...