28 Juli 2009


I'm not going to do a review review, just want to spill out what I'm thinking about the sixth installment of Potter movies in some bullet points (or as my supervisor kindly said, a grocery list). I want to put a spoiler warning but, who am I kidding? Either you've already read the novel, or watched the movie, or both, or just don't give a damn that a little spoiler won't hurt.
  • I enjoyed the first half of the movie (in Dutch theatres, can easily be distinguished as voor de pauze and na de pauze). It was fresh, funny and even though skipping some details that the devoted readers probably mourn about, I myself think it still kept the book's spirit.

  • Draco. Malfoy. Is. Hot. Oooh... sh*t! I should be way over this bad boy syndrome.

  • Fred and George Weasley are also hot (see point 2 about bad boy). Anyway, have to agree with most critics that casting is one of the brilliant things in the series. Who would've thought that those three kids in Sorcerer's Stone had grown up to be these mature actors and actress? The casting director, I guess, but you know what I mean.

  • Can someone please bring Cuarón back?

  • They didn't have Merope. Not so tough choice, I guess. If I were Steve Kloves, I'd probably skip that one as well, although I would want to mention about Tom Riddle's Slytherin ancestors. And the locket. And probably the ring. Sh*t. Ok, not in too details but at least they should've incorporate the four Hogwarts founders into the story.

  • Which makes me come to this point. It bothered me that Dumbledore didn't know about the horcruxes. He said something like 'It could be any objects', which was Harry's line in the book. Maybe it was just me wasn't listening well (and the stupid Dutch translation didn't help), but I don't think the concept, the stuffs, Dumbledore's burnt hand and even the journey to the cave were well explained.

  • I liked the scene in the cave, though. Dumbledore's Saruman style saviour was B-movie-ish brilliant, but still brilliant nevertheless. Now we believe that he deserved to be in the most powerful wizards hall of fame.

  • Can someone please bring Cuarón back?

  • No battle of Hogwarts. After two hours. No action. Blah. Echoing the devoted readers: battle of Hogwarts in Half Blood Prince is different from Deathly Hallows in the sense that, in Prince, Harry still have bunch of the Order of the Phoenix (and the Death Eaters) between him and Voldemort but after that, he's on his own. Neither can live while the other survives. Ouch, do I sound like those who complained about 'They should have put the quidditch match in more details because that's the pivot point of Harry's relationship with Ginny' stuffs? The point is: no action. After two hours. I rest my case.

  • I like Bellatrix Lestrange portrayal. I don't like the Burrows scene, an unnecessary addition which failed the logic (if they can burn the house that easy, how hard it is for Voldemort to get Harry?) I like the "I killed Sirius Black!" part, though. I just thought of a brilliant scene. Harry chasing Snape. And Lestrange do the "I killed Sirius Black!" And Harry couldn't decide which one he would go after. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Or not?

  • Can someone please bring Cuarón back?

  • Anyway, no subtlety. And I refer to Snape's line 'I am the Half-Blood Prince'. But wait, how else they should mention it? They hardly cover the book in the whole movie, while some of the characters were too busy snogging, or crying, or snogging. Even Ginny had to take Harry to the Room of Requirement, as if he didn't know such room existed. Anyway, the Harry vs Draco scene was also disappointing. No thrill.

  • And speaking of Room of Requirement, what's the point of having a few Death Eaters in the castle if there was no battle of Hogwarts? See the fourth previous point.

  • Can someone please bring Cuarón back? Although Upik suggested Christopher Nolan and I thought, that also would be brilliant. The prospect of having Deathly Hallows in two parts is dreadful. Even the book was dragging on the first part, can't imagine that becomes one movie instead of half a movie. I repost my comment on facebook: The second part is better be as good as The Return of the King, otherwise I'd be watching Azkaban over and over again and mourning 'This is the best Harry Potter movie, the BEST!'

  • I want to conclude this 'review' with a brilliant remark, but couldn't find any. It was also the way the movie ended.

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10 komentar:

  1. cuaron itu siapa sih?

    gue setuju, too much crying and snogging, in a cheesy way.

    tapi overall gue sih suka2 aja filmnya, I liked the camera movements and effects (serasa nonton 3D), apalagi gue nggak baca bukunya..hehe

    setuju juga, Draco.Malfoy.Is.Hot.

  2. cuaron itu sutradara prisoner of azkaban. I will play some 'what if it was directed by...' game later :D

    gue ga tau apakah org2 yg ga baca bukunya bisa ngikutin ceritanya, tp ternyata bisa ya? my complain is actually from the non-reader side. we (or at least I) demand action!

  3. Ran, bad boy syndrome huh?? on our age, we should be over that by now, right?? LOL
    I don't think so... ;)

  4. *tengok kiri-kanan* Deeeee!!!! :D

  5. Gw baru nyadar, smp sekarang g w tnyt emang ga pernah nonton HP utuh (selalu di DVD bajakan n sepotong2..:p), soalnya mgkn ak terlalu berarah ke bukunya, jadi tujuan utama liat filmnya cm buat liat Hermione yg bertambah mekar setiap saat..:p (eh, tp pernah kbayang ga ya kl doi diperanin sm Dakota Fanning? Yea, she's not english).
    Hm,tp baca tulisanmu ak jd pgn ntn HP lg dr awal lg..

  6. mbak...si Cuaron itu kandiganti karena terlalu geeeelap dan sadis untuk anak kecil...tapi cuma dia yang pas bikin HP...(aku males ntn disini HP tiketnya mahal...)

  7. huh??
    don't you think he actually is my "bad boy syndrome" coming alive?!?! huehehe...

  8. @wildy:
    yeah, I'm obsessed with bad boys and you're obsessed with smart girls ;))

    menurut imdb, cuaron menolak ngerjain Goblet of Fire karena ngerjain post-pro nya Azkaban. lagian Azkaban itu PG, sementara Goblet of Fire dan Phoenix malah PG-13.
    ngomong2, gue nonton Order of the Phoenix lagi dan bagus ternyata. so it's not really Yates to blame

    I always think Draco's cute, but then he was just a mean kid. now he's a troubled young man, he looks more attractive than ever. ya tuhan, selamatkanlah hamba dari pria2 semacam itu

  9. Uahahaa..iyah Ran, semoga terselamatkan. Tapi Draco bukan Playboy kan.

  10. gak playboy, tapi bersekutu sama Pangeran Kegelapan ;))