25 November 2008


When Lebak Siliwangi was on fire (literally) back in 2004, rumor has it that the guys who worked in PAU (Inter University Centre) ITB immediately jumped and run after hearing the news. Not to the scene, which was only 400 meters away, but to their computers, to check the newest update on the internet.

Couldn't care less (nor trust, probably) about prakiraan cuaca in Indonesia, here I've become sort of dependent on weather forecast. With Holland's crazy North Sea weather, at least you should check whether it is wise to wear sneakers instead of boots (slippers are long forgotten). Mostly I check AccuWeather, and occasionally local weer.nl and neighbouring Haarweg Station.

But now, I also have gmail to tell me what's the weather outside. Yaaaayyyy!!!!! :D

-rani, posting from her desk beside a 2x2 square meters window. this post is dedicated to gmail team for the cool themes :D

2 komentar:

  1. hihihi... udah liat posting gw yg terbaru? :P

  2. Iyaaaa... keren ya! Gue juga pake theme bus stop dan bisa jadi perkiraan cuaca gt. KL ujan terus nih...

    Salut to Gmail team!