27 Oktober 2008


The guy who uploaded the trailer to youtube said You, The Living is "...like Bergman directing Monty Python." I haven't seen neither Bergman nor Monty Python, but for you who have, that may give some clue :D

Actually I don't see any point of making this post since I can't do a review of the movie. I like it, but I can't really tell why. I just... like it.

It consists of series of sketches, doesn't necessarily related to each other. Absurd. Funny. Sad. Happy. Bitter. Bitter.

Just like life itself, actually, if you see it in a grim mood. S**t happens. But you live. You, live.

Maybe I just haven't seen this kind of movie for quite a while. It's very European (ooh... s**t, this is really a shallow judgment), the look, the feel, the tone. I'm not all into festival movie in the if-it-goes-to-festival-means-it's-good way. And I don't always despise Holywood either (well I do, sometimes). It's just when it's good, it's good. D**n, I think I better stop.

-picture was taken from lovefilm.com.

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