07 Juni 2008


Numb. Don't know what to say. Don't know what to do. Keep saying that this is not about me, so why bother? (sometimes I think that my fuzz about other people's life is probably just a getaway from my own messy life) I visited El's page this morning. I think he's doing alright. I miss him.

My Documentary Project. Yup, I'm doing it right now. The log's here, but comment goes here :D Unless you have a 43 account, which is actually really cool :D

Climate Sceptic Sceptic. This week, I attended a very cool lecture about climate scepticism, given by Fred Singer (“the father of all climate sceptics”) and Hans Labohm. A guy half-jokingly said that all the audience present are climate sceptic sceptics.

Singer mostly talked about scientific flaws in IPCC report. I made a few notes but probably better to refer to his books or The Great Global Warming Swindle documentary. Labohm continued with political-economic analysis of what so-called son of Kyoto.

I was kind of neutral in this global warming issue. I accepted it as a fact, but I thought it's sometimes exaggerated. So, to be fair, I was a little bit on the sceptic side. However, after hearing the lectures, I cross the line to the sceptic sceptic side. I'm not really sure why. Their arguments were not much more convincing than those of IPCC's. On the other hand, neglecting the effect of CO2 emission might be contra productive to the quest of cleaner fuel, mind you, in the shadow of depleting fossil fuel (not to mention the sky-rocketing price). So, fortunately, Pavel Kabat came to the rescue. He presented sharp and concise arguments to counter Singer's arguments. It became a really exciting discussion to watch. Not much to counter in Labohm's presentation, but someone did and I didn't really understand the economic part.

Singer and Labohm were late due to traffic jam (which of course contribute to man-made greenhouse gases), so I got the chance to notice there were a lot of bronis (I refuse to translate this term :D) Haha, this is really really an unimportant remark. But despite of this bonus, it was indeed an enlightening discussion :)

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  1. mbak....aku suka sih orangitu berat, karena aku mau-mapus-nyumpahi-globalwarming bahwa ini cumakosnpirasi-politi-plus-ekonomi, lalu...i'm the sceptic one....hehehehehe....