03 Mei 2008


I watched There Will Be Blood last night. To be frank, I didn’t really get the movie :D Well, it’s Paul Thomas Anderson’s for God’s sake (lame defense, eh :P). I can grasp the big picture but I think I missed lots of things, so I’ll just write about this and that.

Do I like it? Yes, I think it’s a good movie. Am I forced to say that because it’s PTA’s, Oscar nominee, has Daniel Day-Lewis in it, and I dragged The Dowty and Mba Fifi to watch it? Probably :D

Okay, this and that.

I insist to watch it in theatre because I always imagine a Punch-Drunk Love look-alike visualization will look amazing in big screen. Even after the trailer gave me obvious hints that the movie would look nothing like Punch-Drunk Love, I still eager to see it in big screen (well, it’s not that big, we have a small cozy theatre here, I’ll write about this sometime). The picture (oh, awrite, cinematography?) is still juara (champion). There were few scenes that still took my breath away. It was dry, harsh, but beautiful in a way.

The acting was brilliant. I guess there’s nothing more to discuss about Daniel Day-Lewis :D I particularly like (the young) H.W. Ugh, and yeah, I was confused about Eli/Paul. At one point we thought about multiple personality. I wonder where Paul went :-?

The scoring was, umm… corny (someone might kill me for saying that). The music was performed by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. There were also some classical tracks. I mean, it’s not corny corny, it’s just predictable like playing tense music before thrilling scenes (I can’t really describe it well). Or perhaps it was meant to be like that, a kind of comic. Or I’m starting to be like those guys in dunia-film :D

I—being totally unfair—sometimes see Punch-Drunk Love as a short version of Magnolia. Kind of Paul Thomas Anderson for Beginners :D And I sort of think that There Will Be Blood is like a Magnolia rip-off, extended version of the Tom Cruise part. Well, it’s just a glimpse of thought and it’s not entirely true, but seeing Eli in his church, can’t help compare it to Frank T.J. Mackey (ugh, I’m being cynical). Anyway, the story is… hmm… will think about it later :D

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