24 Agustus 2007


They call themselves silly Dutch people and they have reasons for that.

These are pictures from us trying to break a world record on annual introduction days. As the university and research centre for quality of life, taken place in the city of life sciences, we decided to explore human body in the most fun way: the song head, shoulder, knees and toes. The record we were trying to make was the most people to simultaneously perform the song. It was a really complicated task so we had to practice for like an hour or so. I mean, it's a world record attempt anyway.

(I don't know if we really did make the record or not. Uncle Google said the record is held by Westminster School with 500 pupils perform the song. They did it in neat line and uniform and all. Us, as can be seen, were about 300 people and a... tiger I think :-?)

Yeah, I think the craziness got something to do with the weather. The weather can swing madly from bright sunny day to chill windy rain in just a second. It really builds character, the weather. I don't know how long 'till I get used to it. Yesterday I had appointment with my study adviser when it was raining, not hard, but quite chilling. If it were a class, I can cancel and take a nap. But it was appointment! People here are crazy about appointment. I remember my Dutch lesson, there was a chapter titled Afsprakmaken (making appointment). It's considered as important as asking direction and ordering food (which is the basic of Indonesian lesson book, I think). And the example always two people meet in the street, each has an appointment to go to, and they make appointment to meet some other time :-

Anyway, I was trying this route to the Forum building (which I already remember) and continue to Atlas building (my adviser's office) which I attended for the first time. After the meeting, the sun was shining and I saw this road and I was thinking, I should go there instead of go back through the Forum. So I did. I followed the road direction for a while but then I thought, it didn't feel right. So I took a turn, and suddenly I was in the middle of corn field somewhere. There were also cows staring at me with curious eyes. I said to myself, what the heck, I've nothing to do this afternoon. So I rode my bike through the fields and, hey, it was Dijkgraf Student House. I did it!

It was easy then. Just follow direction to Centrum. Hey, I think that girl also go there. Ok, just follow her then. Turn left. Turn right.

:-? I don't remember this way.

Oh my God! There are the cows again!

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  1. Where do you live anyway? seems like in the rural area:P..deuu...Wageningen gitu lho, yah nikmati aja Ran pemandangan desa yang indah permai, kapan lagi ketemu Sapi sehat-sehat,gendut-gendut serta lucu-lucu:P. Btw, Sabtu ke Groningen lagi yuuuks...pesta perpisahannya Dini:D

  2. hehe katanya kan mba uyung yang mau ke sini? ntar ta' temenin jalan2 dan foto2 sama sapi deh. aku juga mau :D