21 Agustus 2007


We had an open air movie screening last Sunday night. It took place on city centre, just by the church, with a large projector and a wide screen placed before the municipality building. Everyone seemed to be there, not only the students but I saw some old couples coming. And everyone seemed to drag everything from their houses: chairs, air bags, even sofas!

The movie was Over The Hedge, which I think a little bit lame. And I was so exhausted after sport day (yeah, me, sport :D) so I fell to sleep for a second like every ten minutes (or every touchy scene about family) :D. But it was a cool way to learn Dutch, and the crowd was great. Only one thing was missing. Hmmm.. What was that :-?

Oh yeah, I forgot to bring my camera :D

2 komentar:

  1. a picture paints a thousand words, terjemahan bebasnya: huh, nggak ada foto, nggak seruuu...

  2. lain kali jangan lupa kameranya di taliin aja ke tangan....jd ga keilangan momen buat di ceritain...hiks