12 Maret 2006


Mathilda: Léon, I think I kinda fallin love with you.
[Leon chokes on his milk]
Mathilda: It's the first time for me, you know?
Léon: [wiping himself off] How do you know it's love if you've never been in love before?
Mathilda: 'Cause I feel it.
Léon: Where?
Mathilda: [stoking her stomach] In my stomach. It's all warm. I always had a knot there and now... it's gone.
Léon: Mathilda, I'm glad you don't have a stomach ache any more. I don't think it means anything.
(Léon, 1994)

When I have a crush on someone, I got this "butterfly-in-the-stomach". The butterfly intensity does not have to be linear with the feeling intensity, but it's always there.

When I had to make decision a few months ago, there was no butterfly. So I guess I've decided right then.

(and yes, there's one now, haha. but i don't think it really means anything)

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