19 September 2015


Mumun asked me the other day what my hobby was, and it got me thinking. Let see. It usually came to these three.

Reading. Still do. In a way getting more intense with kindle, even. It's just when it comes to fiction, I just read the same books over and over again. And once I had a kindle, I became reluctant to read on paper again because kindle is sooo much more convenient but there are books that don't have electronic versions and it's really annoying and... yeah, I will just leave it like that. Reading. Still a hobby of mine.

Writing. It's kind of a job now. And blog is not a thing anymore. And people now writing in max. 140 characters, including numbers. And scribbling your novel on a napkin in a cafe is also not a thing anymore. So, yeah.

Movies. Not really. Certainly not like during LFM days or when I sneaked into Opera Jawa screening, or even when I went to IFFR-on-budget. I struggle watching movies on DVDs now. Still love watching in theatre though, it's my sanctuary.
Can't watch movies on DVD but I sure can binge-watch TV-series. Particularly, sitcoms. So Mumun and I agreed that that's my hobby now. I mean I'm not just watching, I'm obsessed. I read reviews, discussions, Dan Harmon's twitter. Listen to Dan Harmon's podcasts, Childish Gambino. I'm the kind of viewer who knows that Oscar-winning Jim Rash, who we absolutely love as Dean Craig Pelton, was the passenger who sat next to Rachel on her flight to Paris and was the air crew who flirted with Will when Grace tried to see Leo. I'm the kind of viewer who Dan Harmon/Joel McHale once talked about. "We are going to talk about a television show. You've chosen to listen to us talk over an episode. That means you're our favorite kind of fan, one who is out-of-their-mind obsessed with the show." Owh yeah, Community's the worst. It really ruined my standard for other sitcoms. It even ruined standard for their own season 5 and 6.

And... just think of this as another
pipe dream. But who knows?

PS: I got Ted Mosby stuck in my head, so maybe if you read this post with his voice, it'd make more sense.

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