14 Februari 2015


As I found an article about coffee consumption and productivity GDP, I tried to calculate my coffee consumption. 

Image courtesy of Arthur Charpentier

To make life easier, I only calculate my office consumption. A 250 g bag of kopi aroma usually last for 2-3 weeks, about six kg per year. I'm about as productive as Italians! Hmmm...

Anyway, recently-but-probably-always-and-just-realize-that I found problem when I had to transfer the coffee powder into a jar.

A bag of kopi aroma and a jar
The problem is, the jar's mouth is too small.

Jar's mouth is smaller than the bag
And to make it worse...

When pouring the coffee, some powder will definitely stuck and spilled

The solution is actually just simple engineering.

Just cut the top of the bag
No more wavy top
And voila! Almost no spill!

3 komentar:

  1. Wah ari saya mah bungkus ngga rege2 / wavy gitu juga tetep aja muruluk ke mana mana

  2. Emang lu nemu aroma dimana?

  3. gw di bandung ndrey