29 Agustus 2013


‘So what evidence is there that this being is good, or caring, or in any way motivated by a morality we might recognise? What evidence is there that this being has any interest in what is effectively a by-product, a trace element of the universe? What if this super-being is merely one of a race of super-beings, and is in fact the super-being equivalent of a teenager who created our universe one afternoon with his super-being chemistry set?’1

'Ah... I see that you've met Thor.'2

1Christopher Brookmyre, Pandaemonium, p.155
2I, being a comic illiterate, was first made aware of Thor's adolescent behaviour from Douglas Adams' books, particularly The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul as depicted in the above picture. A little googling enlighten me that he's all over the place.
*The enraged Thunder God taking his anger out on Kate Schechter’s telephone answering machine picture belongs to Tim.

4 komentar:

  1. Kalo di komik Sandman Thornya dodol, bego tukang mabok

  2. Tuh kan emang si Thor teh ababil nyak

  3. siapa itu yg di foto background? siapa? materi "makan yuk", bukan?

  4. haha ga tau vir, cuma mas2 yg beruntung (atau sial) tertangkap kamera gw :P
    bosen aja sama bekgron yg kemarin