20 April 2013


Let's just call him The Time Traveller. As Wells did.

He opened his eyes only to see the girl with such beauty he hadn't ever seen before. Not in his time, not in his world nor in any other worlds he'd visited anyway. Then the girl smiled, rather bashfully. But it was without a doubt a smile that changed his world.

Their world.

Or not. Years went by and he still felt he didn't belong. He wanted to bring his wife and their baby daughter to his world. Therefore he prepared his wife and his time machine for the journey. Alas, an accident happened. He died and his wife was badly injured.

Other years went by. The Time Traveller's daughter was the prettiest girl in the country, but everyone's scared of her scarred mother. They knew The Time Traveller's Wife had a secret, some unknown power that they didn't understand.

Then a mysterious plague started.

People were dying. Hundreds. Thousands. All over the country. The Time Traveller's Wife was afraid of her and her daughter's safety. She knew a place that would be safe. The future. She returned to her late husband's time machine. He had taught her a lot of things to be done. But they weren't enough.

In order to cheat time, she needed time.

Meanwhile, the plague still spread. People were desperate. And rumors were started. An ugly witch started the epidemic. People were angry. They surrounded The Time Traveller's Wife house bringing all kinds of weaponry. Panicked, The Time Traveller's Wife took her late husband weapon as well and started attacking the attackers. She defeated them. But she knew they would come back.

On his first step into the country, The Adventurer knew something was wrong. He checked his tricorder. For the first time his nose picked up the nasty smell.

Corpses. Lots of them.

He saw a woman held her dead husband's body, sobbing hysterically. He recognized the symptoms. It was a disease that had vanished nine hundred fifty years ago. Nine hundred fifty years before his time. He knew how to cure it. He might as well, because he could see that the woman started to get the disease. But he shouldn't interfere with history.

Then he saw that the woman was pregnant. What the heck.

After curing the woman, he travelled all over the country. Trying to cure as many people as possible.

In a village, he saw a girl with such beauty he hadn't ever seen before. Not in his time, not in his world nor in any other worlds he'd visited.

The Time Traveller's Wife saw her daughter with the strange man. She immediately recognized that he wasn't from this world. He was from another world. Her late husband's world.

She knew that he knew how to get away from this world. The question was, would he?

The Time Traveller's Wife followed The Adventurer to a secluded forest. There it was, the time machine. And next to it, stood her daughter. At that time, The Time Traveller's Wife realized two things. First, The Adventurer wanted to bring her daughter to the future. Second, the time machine could only bring two passengers.

In the village, the villagers heard loud noises from the forest.

The villagers came to the forest only to find The Time Traveller's Wife fighting The Adventurer. Both held weapons ahead of that time. Bright lights and loud noises filled the air. The Time Traveller's Wife tried to drag her daughter but she refused. The Adventurer tried to get The Daughter but the crowd blocked his steps. The Time Traveller's Wife reached the time machine, obscured from The Adventurer’s line of sight. Suddenly he heard a loud bang. Followed by an eerie silence.

The Time Traveller's Wife was gone. Not so much her ashes left.

The Adventurer stood still, tired but unharmed. People cheered and praised him.

The Adventurer looked around and found her. The Daughter. But it was not her pretty face no more. The explosion had wrecked her face.

Illustration by Patra Aditia

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