19 September 2012


I'm trying to put together my thoughts on pseudoscience, Harun Yahya, Einstein's god, cocologi and how-it-should-be-done in a nice blog post. Unfortunately the connection sucks and my caffeine has worn off. Or maybe I'm just too lazy :P

Meanwhile, two good news from Islamic science front. First, Turkish scientists have successfully invented a pollution-free, all natural vehicle that runs on low carbon fuel. This two-tyred vehicle is produced with God’s blessings in mind, and comply with all sharia law.

An even better news, we now have something fruitful from all these #muslimrage. Pakistani scientists have found ways of capturing pure Muslim rage and redirecting the energy into useful electricity that could help humanity. With this groundbreaking research, we can start hoping to solve the world's energy problem once and for all.

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  1. So now #muslimrage has its relevance, and there's a good reason finally to always provoke them? *eh