22 Juni 2012


GM's caping this week, Sirius, reminds me of this excerpt from A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil.
...He thinks about Colin, better able to mourn him now that he knows the truth. Thinks not about what Colin became, and definitely not about what he contemplated but couldn’t see through to conclusion. Instead, he thinks about those younger days. He thinks about the games they played: Colditz and pinkies, two-man hunt, best man fall, Colin’s killertine. He thinks about those endless football matches, Colin’s goalkeeping feats on the soft grass. And he thinks about the last time he heard Colin talk innocently about his passions, before his later enthusiasms set him on a different path. Must have been early Second Year. It stands out because it was after the onset of Colin’s new-found stature, and thus rare—and kind of precious—that they ended up in such an involved conversation. Colin was talking about the stars, something he had done quite a few times at St Lizzie’s too, though Martin assumed he had by this point abandoned his nine-year-old stated ambition of being an astronomer. Colin knew everything about the sky. He had even got this huge telescope for his Christmas in Primary Five. 
“The most amazin thing aboot the stars,” he said, “is the distance, and the time it takes their light tae reach Earth. If a star’s twenty light years away, then the illumination generated by the events happenin right now—the fires and explosions—won’t shine on us for another two decades.”
The caping itself talks about everlasting beauties. Artworks (God's and humans' alike) that keep being reincarnated and reinvented. GM mentioned Sirius and Raden Saleh's paintings, but I feel the same way toward Chungking Express and Burung-burung Manyar.

Speaking of the devil...

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