28 April 2012


I read Y: The Last Man and watched Chuck around the same time a wee while ago. Mala gave me Unmanned when I was waiting for her at the basement, and I was hooked just after a few pages. Chuck is the DVD series I bought when I couldn't find Community. I gambled based on the back cover synopsis (and you know how informative they can be :D), and obviously got lucky. I can see why guys (particularly but not limited to geeks) watch it.
1. The hero is a geek. Or nerd. Whatever.
2. All the cool gadgets.
3. Geek stuffs and references.
4. John Casey fighting bad guys on regular basis.
5. Sarah Walker fighting bad guys on regular basis.
6. Sarah Walker fighting bad girls on regular basis.
7. Sarah Walker. Period.

Which made me wonder why did I watch it. Fortunately Lokifire answered the question for me. Thank you Lokifire :)

Anyways, at some point I started mixing up Yorick Brown with Chuck Bartowski :D

And if you read Lokifire's list number 5, Chuck has Y: The Last Man poster! (she screamed twice so it's important, but I will only write it once) And Zachary Levi (which is listed at number 3 and I absolutely adore) wants to play Yorick Brown in the movie. You don't need to have an Intersect to know he'd be perfect!

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