19 Maret 2012


My digital life (i.e. how many passwords that I have to remember)
  • Email: 4, 2 active, 1 for professional look only, yahoo is only for YM
  • Blog: 2 if you count multiply as well. I haven't posted there for a good three years, and I only made it when photography was still interesting (it was still pre-tumblr days when I started it) and before I found it's much easier to post pictures on facebook
  • Social media: 2 that I open everyday, although G+ is mostly for following
  • Other social media: 3-5. I check linkedin, goodreads occasionally. Multiply, see above. I also have flixter and auteur accounts, somehow, because I once addicted to movie quizzes on facebook
  • Sort of social media: Things that needs user account and I can sort of interract with other people. YouTube, vimeo, 43things, IMDb, what else?
  • Things that need user accounts for all its worth: gravatar, prezi
  • RIP: library.nu
  • Other ebooks and ebooks related site
  • Online shopping stuffs. No, not those random-tagging-on-facebook shops.
  • Work related stuffs, financial stuffs
Gosh, creepy isn't it?

-after several hours staring at my laptop and do pretty much nothing except changing my WUR password that already expired last week. 

6 komentar:

  1. bhuahahahaahaha... 2007!!
    yes I remember trying to get you and some others to be active on Twitter back then, when it was not yet a trend in Indonesia. Failing big time, I shut down my own account :))) And it was ChibiAlfa who got me into Twitter ..5 yrs ago!! :)))

  2. yup 2007. I was even still in friendster back then. (Oh crap, I forgot to list friendster above).
    padahal kalo kita stuck di situ, follower kita udah 20000 kali ya vir? *ditoyor*

  3. I forgot skype as well. 1-2 other VoIP messengers (can't remember because I only use skype now)

  4. OOT

    Aku kepikiran sesuatu kemarin saat melihat postingan selama ini. Dengan tanpa judul dan cuma dibubuhi angka, jadi ngira-ngira: di blogspot ada nggak ya tema serupa prologue atau p2 kayak di Wordpress? Bagus itu tema, cocok untuk update blog dengan model status tak berjudul postingan kayak di sini :D

  5. hmmm... belum pernah nemu tuh. ga nyari juga sih :P
    sebenarnya dari dulu emang (hampir) ga pernah pake judul. cuma kalo judul dikosongin, blogger otomatis ngambil kalimat pertama jadi judul, jadi permalink-nya berantakan. jadi ya sudah pake nomer

  6. wah iya ran, udah bisa diendorse segala macam, gak usah ngantor, dapet duit dari twit berbayar ajah :)))