12 November 2011


Let's just call him The Time Traveller. As Wells did.

He opened his eyes only to see the girl with such beauty he haven't ever seen before. Not in his time, not in his world nor in any other worlds he'd visited anyway. Then the girl smiled, rather bashfully. But it was without a doubt a smile that changed his world.

Their world.

Or not. Years went by and he still felt he didn't belong. He wanted to bring his wife and their baby daughter to his world. Therefore he prepared his wife and his time machine for the journey. Alas, an accident happened. He died and his wife was badly injured.

Other years gone by. The Time Traveller's daughter was the prettiest girl in the country, but everyone's scared of her scarred mother. They knew The Time Traveller's Wife had a secret, some unknown power that they didn't understand.

Then a mysterious epidemic started.

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