24 Oktober 2011


Just a small finding that I usually put in my sideblog, but anyway...

Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study. It's been 'confirmed' for the 43723583th time, right? So why bother. Well, first of all let's also wait for the published articles. And if you're really really into it (I'm not, by the way), you can check the data yourself, and, who knows, maybe find something fishy.

Speaking of fishy... A couple of months ago there was an article published by Roy Spencer and William Braswell, that 'debunks' the global warming. You also know it's been debunked for the 42684489th time, right? Mainstream media like Forbes picked up the story, as well as website like PhysOrg. This in turn caused a debate (yeah, the usual) in scientific community over the article. And in the aftermath, the editor of the journal that published the paper finally resigned, acknowledging a poor review process that was his responsibility. Of course the conspiracy theorists (slightly more radical than global warming agnostic I once was) might still speculate that he resigned due to pressures from selling-out climate scientists.

The other downside from this fiasco is that, beside a renown climate skeptic, Roy Spencer also gains fame as intelligent design proponent. It sometimes stirred the debates to ad hominem attack and religion was dragged into them. As if all religious people don't believe in global warming and evolution and million years old earth. Of course, global warming itself has become a religion with Al Gore as the prophet. Well, it's something to think about for my unsinkable rubber ducks post :-?

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