18 Juni 2011


I saw Duke Nukem Forever in FRS the other day. And why, being absolutely no fan of video game whatsoever (oh, well, except Monopoly, does that count?), should I care about its release, at all?

Because of this:
Important Note from Christopher Brookmyre:
The only genuinely impossible phenomenon depicted in this book (Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks-my addition) is a character being in possession of the PC game “Duke Nukem Forever”. Impossible because, despite being initially scheduled for release in 1997, ten years on there is still no danger of its DVD taxing anyone’s optical drives any time soon. (In fact, the technology that will finally be used to ship the game may not even be invented yet.)
Has anyone told Chris yet? :D

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  1. btw, just lurking on a belgian guy goodreads and blog. a desperate attempt to find a fellow brookmyre's fan #pathetic