08 Juni 2011


Having just read Ryan O'Connel's piece about what your favorite author says about you, and having formulated my thesis about there are two kinds of people (namely those who read Paulo Coelho and those who read John Steinbeck), I'm thinking that it might be fun to be a pretentious bitch and write something about it as well :D

Paulo Coelho
The people who read Coelho are those with glasses that half full. They probably read Eat Pray Love and The Secret and listen to Josh Groban. And watch Oprah. They most definitely post inspirational quotes on their Facebook and twitter. If they are ITB graduates, they probably have followed SIAware training.

J.D. Salinger
The people who read J.D. Salinger think that they have existential crisis with philosophical potential that might give either enlightenment or falldown for the humanity.

John Grisham
The people who read John Grisham have this illusion that good guys always win. They probably have grandchildren. They most likely read Agatha Christie as well.

Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling
The people who read Harry Potter in the early 2000s probably never read anything longer than celebrity exclusive interviews in their favorite magazines. The people who read Harry Potter now are either a) have a major crush on Tom Felton Emma Watson; b) just found the book under the bed, left by the previous room's occupant; or c) just turn 11 this year (and expecting his/her Hogwarts invitation letter will come by owl sometime soon).

Dan Brown
The people who read and like Dan Brown are generally not really into conspiracy theories. But if it's presented to them from the point of view of a leading Harvard symbologist and a bio-entanglement physicist, suddenly it becomes totally make sense.

Christopher Brookmyre
The people who read Christopher Brookmyre see themselves as geeks, have a good sense of humor and musical taste (e.g. nods whenever someone bashing Oasis), witty, skeptic but open-minded. Other people see them as pretentious douchebags who bitch about other people's favorite authors.

14 komentar:

  1. Are you an 11 year old girl that reads Christopher Brookmyer?

  2. I'm an 11-years-old-within girl with existential crisis who read all of the above (except Coelho) :D

  3. mbak Rani..di salah satu situs para ibu2, kalo suka buku yg bukan dari pengarang diatas,kecuali Christoper Brookmyre ya..dibilangnya penyuka buku2 berat...

  4. meh, masa sih win? harry potter?

  5. I kindly feel that you try to describe yourself in Christopher Brookmyer part. :p

    Btw, once you mentioned Dan Brown, it's not fair to not include Forsyth. And T.S Ito *eh. :p

  6. The people who read Frederick Forsyth are those who can finish Dan Brown's in one painful night and move on with their lives.

  7. Jeng Rani, saya baca Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, serta pecinta Shidney Sheldon. Pernah lah baca gosip artis juga :P JAdi golongan yg mana ni. -sulis-

  8. @sulis:
    golongan penganut ngebuaya di depan action sambil makan es krim cicutto. yuk, yuk :P

  9. hehe, bole bole. tolong tiket segera di kirim, uang saku dalam bentuk travel cheque *gaya orang kaya masa kini* -sulis-

  10. sulis, kalo orang kaya masa kini harusnya langsung teriak ma supir minta dianter ke bandara. atau naek jet pribadi. ah, kamu kan baca sidney sheldon mestinya tau ;))

  11. Untung gw baca Adyana Latief, jadi ga bisa ditebak...

  12. I'm not guessing. I know #digeplak

  13. Adriansyah19/6/11 08:59

    Aku hanya baca buku2 inspiratif. #disalib