19 Mei 2011


An easily amazed geek's response:
Wow! GMail IS very intuitive. How can they guess to whom this email should be send too?

A paranoid conspirationist's response:
S**T! Google's been reading my message and selling my identity to a marketing company in Asia!

Have a nice pre-weekend y'all! :D

3 komentar:

  1. maybe youve already known this: they will ask you when you mention the word 'attachment' in your mail body but without attaching something in the email. yes this 'sok tau' attitude of gmail irritates me! what i did was delete that word and attach a file in it.

    you can add that as a new response and call it 'a rebellion response'

  2. LOL :))

    yeah, gmail can be a real pain in the a** some times. but most of the times it works on things it claims would work :D