15 April 2011


Moral lessons Random thoughts of the day or what-would-I-tweet-today-had-I-had-an-account:

Lay's 'patatje joppie' is smaaklijk!

Tomorrow's boekenmarkt! Let's hunt for travelling books, shall we?

Lipton's russian earl grey's taste is not as exotic as oriental bazaar.

Alcohol is not haram. Alcoholic beverages are. Viz, AH organic crab soup is haram because it contains cognac. If it only contains alcohol, the alcohol will vaporise on heating #twistedmind

Does any business with lulu.com model exist in Indonesia?

During My Nervous Breakdown I Want to Have a Biographer Present is a cool title for a book. Too bad I don't like poetry :P

Does James Franco really have a thing for Kimiko?

I think I'm in love with Ryan O'Connel. But he's gay. Crap.

Focus! Time is flying!

3 komentar:

  1. hahahaha... season berapa tuh 30 Rocks?
    Btw I know that I have a thing for James Franco.

  2. season 4 vir. to be honest, james franco was out of my radar for years. but he is now, yeah :P

  3. really? oh I got my eyes on him since Spiderman! (eh bener kan dia main di situ ya?)