21 Maret 2011


This day, one year ago, I just got out of a terrible breakdown. It started five or six months earlier, when I fell from the top of the world. The biggest chunk was of course the Spain thing, but there were also a few other related and unrelated things. I was turning 31 and I had no idea where my life would go.

Then, a few days later I got an interview for a PhD position, and here I am now.

Of course it wasn't all sunshine and flower after that. I had a 12 hours crisis which I don't think I ever mentioned anywhere in this blog, but yeah, it was finally solved. And someone broke my heart, totally my own foolishness (and he seems totally clueless about that) but that didn't make it any easier to deal with. But I did.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank God. For not, never, giving up on me.

And thank you. Yes, you, and you, and you. For being there the whole time. And bearing with me when I was being rude and bitter and cynical. And for listening to my whines, reading my rants, opening your door, picking up my calls, answering my IMs.

PS: My apologies for 'disappearing' today It's just one of those days...

3 komentar:

  1. penasaran deh pengen tau cerita lengkapnya berikut nama2 orang yg terkait :D *kepo mode: on*

  2. Vir, kita susul aja yuk si Rani ke Belanda! Makan di sana. Di mana ya bagusnya.. Err, Holland Bakery?