05 Februari 2011


Awrite, this is really not important, but I just found out that Sean Hayes really is gay. I mean, I just LOVE Jack McFarland. He's one of the most hilarious character on TV. And I don't really care that much about his sexual orientation. I'm just intrigued, let see.

Eric McCormack, straight and married, play Will Truman, gay and insecure.

Neil Patrick Harris, gay and in a relationship, play Barney Stinson, awesome womanizer.

Sean Hayes, gay and in a relationship, play Jack McFarland, gay and a player.

The universe is in balance somehow :P

3 komentar:

  1. ada yg bilang sih jim parsons sebenernya gay, tapi sheldon cooper..well, gak jelas punya orientasi seksual apa nggak..haha

  2. Sheldon is a more evolved human being who will reproduce through either:
    a) sterile clinical procedure; or
    b) binary fission (splitting himself, a reproduction mode commonly found in single cell organism. so, circle of life, eh?)

    Raj, on the other hand, looks bi, so he's sort of makes up for Sheldon's asexualness (despite that he can't talk to girls while sober)

  3. Jacckkyyyy... is really gay??? Well that explains why he was so good? But you know what they say here about homosexuality? It's contagious! I wonder if that works for heterosexuality?

    Love Barneyyyyy!! Wooooo!!

    I put my money on Sheldon mitosis!