04 Desember 2010


This is another Rani_banget story. Well, sort of. Not really. I don't know. You decide :D

I'm going to have a course in Delft next week and I was thinking of buying a small luggage. I don't have one and I think it may be handy if I'm not backpacking my way. So, I went downtown (aye, 'town') last night to look for it. I looked at three shops and didn't find any that I particularly like at an acceptable price. There were a couple that looked good but too pricey. There was one, good price and looked sturdy enough, but pink! I rest my case.

Anyway, I left the third shop, thinking of have a look at the second shop (good price and metallic grey), when I passed by a shoes shop. They usually also sell some bags over there so I thought, you know, probably they also occasionally have luggage. Taking a peek wouldn't hurt. Well, what did I know.

They didn't have luggage, but they did have some branded bags on 50% discount. And I also needed a bag. Not needed needed, but, yeah, anyway... And branded bag is an investment. You can practically use it forever. So, yes, I took one. But this wasn't the Rani_banget part, yet.

They had a problem with the cashier system and asked if I still need to do some shopping, maybe I could come back later. Well, I didn't need to do more shopping. I was just going the check the luggage at the second shop, and think it through, and probably would decide to go with my backpack anyway. But since you ask...

I went to the Asian shop. I have a bag of Turkish ground coffee, which I couldn't brew well. I found a recipe for Turkish coffee, in which you need cardamom (Indonesian: kapulaga). The cardamom isn't really essential and I was going to try the recipe without cardamom at first. However, since I told the shopkeeper I would be back in 15 minutes (of which she actually doubted whether the problem would be solved by then) and I had nowhere else to go, so to the Asian shop I went. For 30 g of cardamom. The recipe says I need 1/8 of teaspoon.

And it took approximately 5 minutes.

Remember that I was going to check the grey luggage? Across the second shop, there is a record shop. It is a very very very dangerous shop and I restrained myself not to go there. But I had 10 minutes to kill, what else could I do?

I was there for 25 minutes and went out with 2 DVD's. And of course, a bag that I didn't really need and no luggage. That's the Rani_banget part :D

Update on Turkish coffee:
Apparently Turkish coffee is not my cup of tea, um, err, well, you know what I mean. The cardamom is a bit too strong for me. The recipe also says it doesn't need milk. In the end, I added a bit of cinnamon and condensed milk. It's not Turkish again but it tastes alright. Now... what should I do with the cardamom?

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  1. wow, scarry. you're as impulsive as I.