05 Oktober 2010


Looks like a good news to bag those treehuggers environmentally-conscious shoppers, eh? (and should I say pun intended?) Anyway, what so called the downside turn out to be an investigation revealed that reusable grocery bags are hosts for bacteria. My take, well, so do our keyboard, our kitchen, and wait... I believe our body also contain lots of bacteria.

Do read the comments for discussion, I just summarize a bit.

For the con-reusable-bags: As I said, bacteria are everywhere and reusable bags are certainly not exclusive habitats. And reusable bags or not, washing whatever that you will cook/eat is usually wiser.

For the pro-reusable-bags (who argue that, as the article suggest, washing the bag will consume valuable water and release detergent to the environment): Just don't put a single bag in your washing machine and turn it on. That would be stupid. Just wash the bag with your other laundry and you'll be fine. The birds will sing. The sun will smile. Oh I know I'm exaggerating.

And what did I do, exactly? Forwarded it to the BaGoes creator, of course :D

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