05 Agustus 2010


This and that.
  • My electricity bill this month is approx. 30% higher than last month's. Hmm... should assess the effect of world cup final round (and an extra cousin) to that. Next month will be fasting month, so it's more likely to raise again.
  • Tania replied my email the other day. I quote:
"I just came back from my holidays in, guess where? Indonesia! (...) It was nice, the nature was beautiful, but what a cultural shock!!! The waste and waste un-management was the biggest impact for me!"

Ach, well...
  • Got my visa! Eat that, Geert! I'm going to NL!
  • I just realise. Brookmyre made me make peace with my inner geek. And my outer geek as well :P
  • And... I love spending time with you *hug* (FRIENDS, The One With Ross' Step Forward)
  • This is so... gue banget (Edo probably would say R.B.) hahaha! Hail Jorge!

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